Photo Masters Workshops Reviews

“The best locations, the best times of day, the best pro photography tips and tricks”

What Students Say About Bob Gibson
Photography Workshops:

“I’ve never had a better workshop and week of photography! Bob Gibson filled each day with
fun in-the field shooting, and afternoons with Lightroom editing. He made sure that every student
achieved their photography objectives and opened
windows into interesting new techniques and equipment. Casa Caretta, the workshop lodging and studio, is a gorgeous “home base” meticulously decorated and maintained. I would highly recommend Florida Photo Workshops to serious outdoor photographers who wish to experience Florida’s waterscapes and wildlife. I plan to take many more workshops with Bob Gibson.”

–Christie Semmens-Niehaus

Florida Photo Workshops
Photograph by Christie Semmens-Niehaus taking during Bob Gibson workshop “Waterscapes and Wildlife”

“It was an honor learning from one of the best.
Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and hosting a great workshop.”
–Bibi Bakish

Photograph of Limpkin taken by Bibi Bakish during Bob Gibson Photo Workshop.

“You are a talented photographer and amazing instructor—from ocean landscapes to Florida wildlife to Lightroom and Photoshop, I learned a lot of valuable information and am excited to share the photos I shot during the workshop. You really took the time to work with each of us!”

–Stephanie Surrena

Photo of Florida sunrise at Coral Cove Park taken by Stephanie Surrena

“It had been many years since I picked up my camera,
but, Bob Gibson, quickly had me up to speed.
His teaching is ‘hands on’, and I was surprised at the
number of interesting techniques I and everyone in the class was able to master. I look forward to doing more workshops with Bob.”

–Jeff Carrington

Photo by Jeff Carrington taken during Bob Gibson “Waterscapes” Photography Workshop
Fun Times, Great Photography–Grand Teton National Park