2020 Bird Photography Workshops Announced

PhotoMasters Workshops by Bob Gibson announces three-day advanced bird photography workshops to be held November through May in Palm Beach County Florida.

Each workshop is limited in size to five students for ultimate in personalized learning–and are geared for beginning and intermediate DSLR photographers who desire to achieve professional results.

Lifelong Palm Beach County outdoorsman and award-winning photographer, Bob Gibson, will lead workshops in South Florida’s most exciting birding locations including: Wodokohatchee Wetland, Green Cay Wetland, Riverbend Park and Winding Waters Park. Students will be taught nuances of telephoto depth of field and high-speed continuous focus to capture birds feeding and in flight.

Gray Headed Swamp Hen photographed at Wodokohatchee Wetland

Students will learn best Adobe Lightroom post processing techniques for bird and wildlife images, and will create files for fine art printing and publication.

The chosen locations are common nesting and feeding areas for Florida’s most beautiful and interesting birds, including:

Purple Gallinule, Grey Headed Swamphen, Roseatte Spoonbill, Anhinga, Cormorant, Great Heron, Blue Heron, Tri-Colored Heron,

White Egret, Snowy Egret, Reddish Egret, Red Tailed Hawk,

Limpkin and Wood Ducks.

Anhinga overlooking South Florida wetland
Female Anhinga
Great Egret feeding at Jupiter Florida's Riverbend Park
Great Egret feeding at Riverbend Park, Jupiter Florida
Tri-Colored Heron in Palm Beach County Florida
Tri-colored Heron at South Florida’s Winding Waters Preserve.
Little Blue Heron photographed in Palm Beach County during PhotoMasters Workshops by Bob Gibson
Little Blue Heron taken in Palm Beach County, Florida during PhotoMasters Workshops by Bob Gibson

Masters of Florida Birds

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