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South Florida artist, Bob Gibson creates Epoxy Resin art inspired by his snorkeling adventures

Year of the Octopus

The year 2021 will surely be recorded as period of much pain and anguish. But, for moments, it was partially redeemed by a media wave  of “Octopus Love”. 

Apple Records released a 50th Anniversary remastered version of Abbey Road’s “Octopus’ Garden”. The documentary, “My Octopus Teacher” won an Academy Award. The book, “Soul of an Octopus” made the NY Times Best Seller List.  

Magically, the most gentle, clever, agile, thoughtful and curious of all sea creatures became the antidote to the rampant hating, boasting, bullying, stupidity and thoughtlessness that pervaded the world.  Octopus’ on screen, in stories and song reminded us of our interconnectedness with nature. 

“I have 20 minutes to mix, pour and paint with the epoxy resin before it becomes a hard as a sheet of glass”

In a equally wonderful coincidence, a real octopus—a wild swirling, squid-like thing, hovering over sand and shells, spiraling across corals, changing colors and patterns at the speed of a Times Square megatron—darted into my view at Phil Foster Beach Park a popular  South Florida snorkeling location.  Thanks to media awareness and the optical surgeon who corrected a lifetime of nearsightedness-I finally met and observed this remarkable life form in person.

Painting with Epoxy Resin
Painting with epoxy resin and sea-colored transparent metallic dyes

 The encounter found its way into the childlike paintings I create using epoxy resin.  A water-colorist would surely render a more artful and scientifically accurate image.  But, resin, being a translucent, spontanious and impossible to control media seemed perfect to me– for the challenge of remembering an ever-changing Octopus. I would have twenty minutes to mix, pour and paint before the two-part solution would forever freeze into a sheet of hardened glass. 

Resin Paintings
Pouring liquid epoxy resin creates spontaneous shapes inspired by ocean reefs and sea creatures.

Each time I poured resin, colors mixed randomly, spots appeared then vanished, liquid flowed 

In many directions at once—just like my Octopus Soul Teacher Gardener memory.  Every silly painting attempted made me smile like I do every time I hear Ringo sing, 

“We could be so happy you and me, in an Octopus’ garden in the shade.”

Octopus Art
An Octopus’ Garden of expoxy resin paintings
Abstract Painting
Epoxy Resin Artwork
Abstract Painting with epoxy resin
Resin Art
“Sea and Sand ” Abstract Art made with epoxy resin
South Florida surfer, and resin artist Bob Gibson
South Florida surfer creates unique resin epoxy art