2023 Workshops Announced!

Are you ready for a photography adventure? I offer one, two and three day workshops for photographers who wish to learn (or polish) the specific skills necessary to consistently create dramatic wildlife and waterscape images.

The Essential Techniques You Will Learn:

  • Slow Speed Shutter–The key to dreamy seascapes, waterfalls and abstract clouds. This includes use of neutral density filters. We will practice this technique pre-dawn, sunrise and mid-day.
  • Shooting and Stitching Panoramas–Using horizontal, vertical and multiple layered panoramas. You will learn how to plan, shoot and edit files for fine art printing and giant wall art.
  • Blue Hour Blends–The secret to creating amazing night cityscapes, landscapes and Milky Way starscapes.
  • Focus Stacking or “Focus Shift Shooting”–The ultimate way to capture extremely close foregrounds together with tack sharp backgrounds. This is an essential skill for both macro photographers and landscape photographers taking wide angle vertical images.
  • Action wildlife portraits using your camera’s back button focus, high speed continuous focus and high shutter speeds.
  • “Environmental Portraits” that showcase both wildlife subject and its environment. How to separate subject from background using both dodging and burning and the “Impressionist Painters” technique adjusting the warmth and coolness of color.

You can choose a one, two or three day private or semi-private workshop held in Palm Beach County Florida, or inquire about one of our upcoming “adventure trips”. All workshops are $595 per day. (A day starts before dawn and ends after sunset!) We spend the early hours and later hours in the field, beach or bird sanctuary, and the mid-day hours editing.

The best way to learn more is to e-mail me at rjg@rjgibson.com

Photography Workshops Florida
Florida Wildlife and Waterscapes, Palm Beaches November through February
Photography Workshops Oregon Coast
Oregon South Coast, June 2023
Oregon Waterfalls June. 2023
Alaska’s Brown Bears July 2023
Grand Teton National Park Sept 2023